Nothing will change from following the leader, You have to find a way to supersede those that proceed you. 



     Pinnacle      Pipeline

The Pinnacle Pipeline is our flagship program where we believe that success is an algorithm that can be duplicated and recreated if given correct input. By planting the correct seed and cultivating it we can turn at risk youth into trailblazers. It's through them the communities will be changed and our legacy will live on.

Visio Dei

Visio Dei is N.A.P's tech integration via media and photography. It's an entrepreneurial subsidiary of the Pinnacle Pipeline, where participants get the opportunity to build valuable attributes and experiences in business while gaining experience in programs like Publisher, Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel and Premier.


Reach & 

Teach Classic 

The Reach and Teach Camp is about utilizing athletics and activities as a muse to gain the audience of our community and impart something that may change the direction of their lives. This program looks to highlight several key factors that plague our community like gang violence, drug, alcohol and substance abuse, police/ community relations, obesity, inactivity in youth, mental health, nutrition and positive ways to deal with each.


The Community Meal (TCM) is our attempt to create unity in its purest form. A time when race, creed, color, background, economic status, or sexual preference doesn't matter. We all come together as one and enjoy a meal, share stories, and appreciate being in the company of others.