We understand that as times change, so should we and if we are going to be effective we must continue to evolve. The problems that plagued our parents aren't the problems that perplex our kids, which means that the methods used by our parents may not be as effective as they once were.  If we don't continue to develop then we limit how much success we will have.

The focus of the Neighborhood Alchemist Project is cultivation. Our goal is not just to give, but to water and help it grow. It's these next steps that are sometimes neglected and stagnate the impact that was desired. We look to address issues at their roots. Though we understand this may take more time and energy, we don't believe throwing resources at superficial issues which results in anything but cyclical pitfalls. However, it's going to take actual investment and follow up from individuals who are actually familiar with the communities they look to serve. It's not always the lack of resources that are the main problem, but knowledge and skill that come along with it.

Exposure shapes aspirations and aspirations impact actions. Actions dictate lifestyles and lifestyles create culture. If you want to create a culture of success, bring success to culture.